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ZoomIt (โปรแกรมขยายหน้าจอ Zoom หน้าจอ การนำเสนองาน) ZoomIt (โปรแกรมขยายหน้าจอ Zoom หน้าจอ การนำเสนองาน) HOT
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ZoomIt (โปรแกรมขยายหน้าจอ Zoom หน้าจอ การนำเสนองาน)

โปรแกรม ZoomIt เป็นโปรแกรมขยายหน้าจอ (Zoom หน้าจอ) สำหรับเวลา นำเสนองาน (Presentation) ช่วยจัดอบรมสัมนา การเรียนการสอน สำหรับครู อาจารย์ เช่นการสอนสาธิต วิธีการใช้โปรแกรม เป็นต้น
ZoomIt v4.5
By Mark Russinovich
Published: June 20, 2013
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ZoomIt- An Effective Screen Annotation Tool

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For those who have to regularly deal with presentation slides and other graphical displays to share information, the ZoomIt freeware tool is a great software to use. The tool is becoming increasingly popular with people who have to use annotations of screenshots and other similar data in their day to day life.

The tool is a product of the SysInternals Toolkit. The software is free for download. The setup file for this tool is small in size, just 270 Kb, another good advantage. The software can operate in any version of Windows, including the new Windows 7. It is basically a desktop zoom and annotation tool, that enables you to zoom your desktop using the wheel on your mouse, or by using the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard. You can also draw on your desktop (with or without zoom) using configurable color and pen width options.

This handy tool can sit on your system tray. It can be activated by using the hotkeys. There are many default key combinations for making your life simpler. We will come to those later. First, we shall take a look at the pros and cons of this tool.



* Free for use; works well in any Windows Operating System

* The setup file is only 270 Kb in size, thus enabling fast download

* The tool is simple, easy to use and efficient.

* The default keys work very well for ordinary work purpose. If you are not fully satisfied, you can always configure the hotkeys for yourself.

* There is an useful feature in the form of “break timer” that blanks your screen with a countdown when activated.


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